Faction Prime 3.0


While not the lightest backcountry ski on the market the Faction Prime 3.0 might be the funnest.

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The Prime 3.0 is packed with industry-leading design materials and construction techniques, resulting in a ski that will give you a new perspective of what’s possible on your mountain escapes. Built as a one ski quiver for the seasoned freerider who is always on the lookout for powder exploits the Prime 3.0, at a versatile and floaty 108mm underfoot, has a super-solid and strong ride despire its light weight, thanks to the use of Textreme Carbon laid-up strategically on a sturdy and lightweight hybrid core. Whether you’re touring up through a high-altitude, bluebird landscape or charging down that premium, untouched couloir, the Prime 3.0 is designed to exceed epectations. This ski has no limits.

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