The Gear Room Resoles Climbing Shoes

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Types of shoes we resole:

  • Climbing shoes

When to resole climbing shoes

To preserve the fit of your shoe it’s important to resole at the correct time. Often times people don’t realize they need a resole until they wear holes all the way through their rand resulting in the need for toe caps. The perfect time to resole is when the climbing rubber has worn down but not quite to the rand. See the pictures below.

Shoe thats ready to be resoled

Time to resole

Needs toe caps


Basic Resole:

A basic resole includes half soles for both shoes


Toe Caps:

Also known as rand, is the rubber beneath your climbing rubber.



We use your initial deposit to ship your shoes back.


If you can handle the smell of your shoes then so can we, send em in.

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Toe Caps?

We dont want to put new toe caps on your shoes but if they need it a resole is useless without it

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